A Five-Step Guide: How Music Can Improve Your Business

Sound and Background Music in Retail Stores

We all go shopping. Some of us try to limit our shopping time to the obligatory grocery run, others browse all the latest collections for a hobby.

We have one undeniable thing in common though; we are all influenced by the many sensory cues we receive while shopping.

In this article, we will have a look at the processes at work, with a particularly strong focus on sound and music.

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Sound and music in restaurants and cafes

Most people understand intuitively that sound and music have some form of influence on us. This is why we choose different music when we go out with friends, as opposed to when we want to wake up slowly on a Sunday morning. The music changes our mood.

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Matching music to your brand

Music can boost a brand’s performance. From brand image perception, to message retention and actual purchasing behavior instore, music is known to have a big influence. This is not just something we found in our own business, although we did. It is actually backed up by a significant body of scientific studies that have been conducted ever since the eighties until today.

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Is it legal to play Spotify in your business?

Streaming music services, such as Spotify or Apple music, have reshaped the way we consume music. Never before could we carry millions of songs in our back pockets and match playlists to our mood, at any time we desire. This great experience in personal music consumption triggers an important misconception among entrepreneurs looking for instore music though: “If Spotify/Apple music works so well in my personal life, why not use it in my shop, bar, restaurant or other business venue?” In this article, we provide a number of reasons why you should not. Both from a legal and a marketing perspective.

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