A Five-Step Guide: How Music Can Improve Your Business


Chain Restaurants with 145 locations nationwide

To create a suitable ambient mood with instore music

Previously using another service but weren’t satisfied with the content, management, and direction of their instore music. The quality of music playlists was an issue and they felt it directly impacting customer experience and staff motivation, which in turn as an affect on sales.

Working with senior management to analyse their customer demographic we developed a series of rotating playlists that could played across the day, across their day and evening opening hours.

Staff now have the ability to control their specific location environment, giving them a level of ownership, involvement and engagement which wasn’t previously available to them.The resulting feedback from Grill’d stores, management and customers since the implantation of our serviced has been excellent, and we regularly receive positive feedback to the instore music playlist.

We work closely with the marketing teams at Gril’d and have an open line of communication with them whereby we extend our relationship through some of other bespoke services for their on-going events and promotion