A Five-Step Guide: How Music Can Improve Your Business


Telecommunications retail stores with 380 stores nationwide

To rollout a centralised instore music system across 380 stores nationwide, utilising their existing hardware set-up

Previously the Optus retails stores were using out-dated technology in the form of USB’s to update music across their stores. This was highly irregular and labor-intensive process and they wanted to streamline this process without wanting to invest in additional hardware.

Marketing Melodies partnered with Optus’ digital signage provider to build a version of storePlay that could run on their existing digital signage media player, and as such no outlay was required on additional hardware.

Optus now have online music management system that allows them to update their music and instore messaging across their network instantly.

The platform allows staff to create their own playlists from a previously-approved music selection and as such allows each store to customise the feel of their retail space their specific footfall. This is particularly engaging for franchisees, who now feel they they are more control of their own store environment.